Sneak Peek at Nuus - A Metro Themed WPF RSS Reader

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####Overview Nuus is a metro-inspired rss reader written in WPF where you can add feeds of your favorite sites so you get a central location for your daily news fix.

####Why does this exist? I wanted to learn some new technologies so I decided that, as I read a lot of blogs, I’d create myself an app where I can add these blogs (the ones that provide an RSS feed) so I have them available in a central location.

So I’ve been tinkering on this in my spare time between work/family/other side projects/sleep to get up to speed with new technologies (even though WPF isn’t that new, learning XAML is a good thing to do) and expanding my skills to set myself up for whatever the future has to offer.

Future plans involve implementing a social timeline (Twitter/Facebook/others…) and making Windows Store (Windows 8/Surface) and Windows Phone Store (WP7/WP8) apps.

All in the name of learning!

####Technologies used The technologies that I have used in creating this application are listed below.


Caliburn.Micro is a small, yet powerful framework, designed for building applications across all Xaml Platforms. With strong support for MVVM and other proven UI patterns, Caliburn.Micro will enable you to build your solution quickly, without the need to sacrifice code quality or testability.


MahApps.Metro strives to make good looking metro interfaces easier.


Reactive Programming for WPF, Silverlight, WinRT, and Windows Phone 7. Use the Reactive Extensions for .NET along with Silverlight, WPF, or Windows Phone 7 to create elegant, testable User Interfaces.


Akavache is an asynchronous, persistent key-value cache created for writing native desktop and mobile applications in C#. Think of it like memcached for desktop apps.

####Screenshots NOTE: This is a sneak peek so not everything is finished, this is just to give an idea of what the final result could/should/would look like.

Main Feed View

Pane between feeds

View Feed item

Add a Feed

Maintain existing Feeds

View Settings pane

View About pane


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