About Me

Who am I

If you hadn’t guessed it yet, my name is Henrik Andersson. But I also go by @ahandersson on Twitter or @alfhenrik on GitHub.

What I do

I work as a software developer mainly working with ASP.NET web applications.

Why I do it

This is an attempt to document the various projects or adventures I undertake in my time away from work, and maybe inspire or teach someone else something new (or just as a brain dump for future use).

I have an insatiable desire to learn new technologies and improve my current skillset. I attempt to do this by contributing to various Open Source Software projects, and also write applications of my own in technologies I don’t get to use while at work.

Profile Picture

henrik andersson

A former chef turned software developer specialising in .NET Framework stack, a father and husband with a beautiful wife and three wonderful children, a viking and originally from Sweden...no, not Switzerland.